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Axel Böhmer

    ACC hotfix 1.5.1 changelog

    – Fixed steering wheel display not hiding on the Alpine A110 GT4 when the steering wheel is set to hidden.
    – Minor updates to the 2020 WRT liveries.
    – Minor corrections on the BMW M4 GT4 custom designs.

    – MFD while in multi-class sessions will now contain an extra standings page filtered to the currently viewed car’s car class.
    – HUD position indicator in multi-class sessions now shows the position in a car’s class and a secondary indicator shows overall position.
    – Intro sequences for singleplayer sessions now do not show the track map and only show the standings widget in race sessions.
    – Fixed corrupted UI driver headshot and team logo image items.
    – Fixed timetable continuous refresh in MP race sessions (caused table to be non-responsive when lap-by-lap breakdown requested).
    – Added missing car group indicators for ST & CUP cars on the Timetables page.
    – Drive button now only pulsates during the last 30 seconds of the race session countdown.
    – Broadcast MFD now has standings pages for all available car groups (previously was only GT3/GT4) when in a multiclass session.
    – Improved lapped values for real-time widget to be more consistent.

    – Spotter end-race position message now respects car groups.
    – Removed splitter gain spotter message for different cars groups.
    – New best lap message removed at the end of first lap.

    – Server: isPrepPhaseLocked now defaults to 0 when not set, allowing clients to join during the preparation phase.
    Set this line to 1 explicitly in the settings.json to prevent drivers not participating in qualifying from joining before gridding.