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Axel Böhmer

    Hotfix Update Changelog

    – Fixed Zolder missing from Open series championship selection.
    – Fixed missing aero variation readout with Audi R8 LMS and LMS Evo.
    – Fixed remnant tyre set and telemetry lap values in BMW M4 GT3 setup presets.

    – Fixed a navigation issue on the setup pitstop strategy page with D-Pad or keyboard.
    – Fixed a potential crash related to mouse navigation in menus.
    – Fixed TAB overlay leaderboard showing erroneous value for mandatory pitstops served.
    – Fixed an issue with Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo custom livery templates.
    – Fixed missing aero variation readout with the Jaguar G3 and the REX.
    – Fixed BMW M4 GT3 dash display incorrectly showing last lap time instead of best lap time.
    – Fixed occasional hang on session loading