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Axel Böhmer

    v1.3.10 Changelog

    – Numerous 2020 liveries as special bonus content.

    – Free game modes (QR and CRW) now always use the same logic for opponent generation to maximize opponent count in the given season instead of event.
    – Added AI forced pitstop protections to avoid double pits (forced pitting will now wait for the scheduled if stint ends in less than 10 minutes, except for fuel).
    – Fixed race flags during win flags (wrong finish line comms).
    – Fixed missing deflated tyre (puncture) state in saved games.
    – Early yellow/white flag spotter warning / removed it when too close or during pit.
    – Cars are now ghosted during formation lap also in SP.
    – Quick Race and Custom Race Weekends modes now work like MP in terms of numberplate/banner sponsoring.

    – Reworked spawn/despawn replay cars to avoid increasing memory allocation on random access in MP replays.
    – Fixed no focused car on start of the spectator replays (and consequential HUD issues).
    – Fixed MP car spawing/despawing during rewind replay.
    – Fixed wrong driver during highlights for swap driver replays.
    – Fixed pit barriers for gallery replay.

    – Updated delta time behaviour to stints – delta timer will now reset to stint best.
    – Updated delta timer appearance and added reference laptime item.
    – MFD pit info panel screen separated from pit strategy page and added HUD option for visibility.
    – Better widget auto repositioning with hidden items.
    – Added light indicators on the HUD and option in HUD settings.
    – Fuel widget now includes fuel/lap calculation.
    – Wider track map layout for Mount Panorama.
    – Added option for dashboard display rendering on the HUD (per-car view setting).
    – Windshield Banners now selectable in custom cars interface.
    – Fixed desync between leaderboard lines and showed lines in the official leaderboard HUD.
    – Fixed helicam name.
    – Added look L/R camera speed to cameraSettings.json (lookAroundSpeed).
    – Added in-car showroom camera – toggle with CAMERA button, use mouse/gamepad to navigate.
    – HUD left and right margins no longer offset the centre when not having equal values.
    – Show the official position in RT widget for all opponent cars when the player car has session-over flag.
    – Stint timer now hidden for spectators in MP swap gameplay.
    – HUD, hide on long-press of cycle HUD page up/down button.
    – MFD, added previous/next page action bindings.
    – Added TC Cut and Engine Map per-step control bindings.
    – Showroom filter now defaults to „official“.
    – Broadcast overlay additions and restyling.
    – Updated setup screen images.
    – Moved UseGamepadForFreeCamera settings to cameraSettings.json.
    – MFD pages now all hide the mouse cursor.
    NOTE: menuSettings.json in User/Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config will now reset and some of the menu-related settings will need to be set up again.

    – Fixed a floating white line in the pits on Brands Hatch.
    – Fixes to Mount Panorama horizon image.
    – Fixed F1 camera cycle active during intro sequence.
    – Fixed fake car shadow projection rotations and revised shadow maps on all cars.
    – Fixed glitchy secondary driver animations in replay and spectator mode.

    – New suspension bumpstop calculation.
    NOTE: we advise to check your old setups by clicking at least once on the ride height and then controlling bumpstop window in the setup!
    – Fine tuning of influence of wet surfaces at slipangle peak and aquaplaning, on slick tyres.
    – New tearing feature on tyre wear if tyres are pushed way over their peak slip angle for an elongated time.
    – Steer angle and clock added to shared memory.

    – Fixed MP cars having higher low speed than real (and smoke generation when stopped).
    – Enabled meatball flags for lights off in wet and night sessions in MP.
    – Cutting penalties no longer register on the UI when player’s session is over.
    – Scripted formation speed-delta phase is now 70kph instead of 60kph.
    – Increased tolerance for auto-teleport during the formation lap.

    – Fixed ramp volume during camera changes for low main volume.
    – Smoother replay time jump with audio and video fading.
    – Support for chassis sound volume in audio settings (separating it from tyre and brakes).
    – Audio channel/memory optimizations on camera change and car despawn.
    – Fixed free camera audio listener location priority away from the focused car (cars without audio using the free camera around the world if the player car is in the pit).
    – „Green flag/go go go“ race comms now grouped as starting message.
    – New spotter/crew chief audio messages.
    – FMod Studio: improved damage sound spatialization.
    – FMod Studio: improved sound dynamics on throttle for all cars.

    – Fixed mouse in freecam in VR.[/color]