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Axel Böhmer

    Changelog v1.3.11

    – Fixed a potential crash when using trackIR with helmet camera.
    – Added ignition/engine running indicator to speedo/rpm widget.
    – MFD will now only store its state when HUD is removed from screen (potential fix for stutter when cycling MFD pages after HDD power down)
    – Fixed currently viewed car label indicating wrong car brand in replay under specific conditions.
    – Fixed nationality information not transferring correctly for MP opponents in the broadcast HUD.
    – Broadcast HUD TAB leaderboard now scrolls on mouse input.
    – Fixed MP car showroom not displaying cars when official filter was selected under specific conditions.
    – Tyre tearing model fine tuning.
    – Audi R8 EVO preset setups strategies fixes.
    – Huracan EVO fine tuning.
    – Huracan ST Paul Ricard aggressive setup.
    – Huracan ST preheated tyres fix.
    – Wet tyres rear radius correction.
    – Minor rearrangement of the lights and ignition indicators.
    – Fixed the flash light HUD indicator getting stuck in the Mercedes.