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Axel Böhmer

    v1.4 Changelog

    – New special event system allowing the creation and management of special events independently from client updates.

    – Adjusted track limit penalty tolerances for straight-away DT and SG penalties.
    – Post-time DT and SG conversions revised.
    – Fixed crash in the last round of the official IGT championship when playing with the Walkenhorst entry.
    – Removed invalid lap message for outlap.

    – Brand-new special events page with leaderboard history.
    – Brand-new driver customization UI page. Accessible from the Driver page and by pressing on the driver tile in the car showroom when viewing a custom car.
    Allows player to customize player outfit and also fictional team mates for Single Player game modes.
    Player outfits are also applied in Multiplayer.
    – Added rating summary on MP pages.
    – Updated track status and weather status indicators to provide a better indication of track conditions and weather forecast.
    – Added communication message for track limits without further action.

    – Improved automatic Setup UI system.
    – Fixed wrong pressures and consequent wrong rod lengths and ride heights when returning to the setup after a long wait in the classification screen.
    – Fixed excessive suspension oscillation while performing setup changes.
    – Front Aero Variation values are now more stable and reliable.
    – Fine tuning of slick tyres wear.
    – Fine tuning of slick tyres tearing/graining.
    – Fine tuning of wet tyres wear.
    – Improvements in Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO suspension.
    – Improvements in BMW M6 GT3 aero.
    – Fine tuning in Lexus RC-F GT3 aero yaw sensibility.
    – Improvements in Bentley GT3 2018 inertia and engine values.
    – Improvements in Aston Martin GT3 V8 turbo lag.
    – Core engine work.

    – Fixed potential hang issue with Thrustmaster wheels.
    – Keyboard-controlled gear shift bindings now pass through while using a DirectInput device.

    – Fixed missing spark generation on certain cars.
    – Re-added opponent sparks to MP gameplay.

    – FMod Studio: random offset for exterior idle sounds (removes phase shifting).
    – FMod Studio: fixed idle pitch reference for Lexus RC-F.