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Axel Böhmer

    v1.5.7 changelog

    – Fixed pit exit erroneously triggering blue flag when driving near the wall at the start-finish line on Laguna Seca.
    – Fixed pit entry erroneously triggering blue flag when driving near the pit entrance wall on Kyalami.
    – Fixed a potential inconsistency with track limit warnings accumulated on existing pending penalties.
    – Fixed an inconsistency when serving a drive-through penalty without having the serve penalty checkbox selected.

    – Slight adjustments to the 2019 GT3 season balance of performance.
    – Slight adjustments to the 2019 GT4 season balance of performance.

    – Decreased streaming memory pool in EPIC texture setting preset to prevent potential video memory overload on mid/high-range cards.

    – Fixed a refocus issue with the MFD in Multiplayer when the session went from multi- to single-class due to all clients of a car group disconnecting.
    – MFD info panel now includes stint timer and a track limits warning counter.
    NOTE: the MFD info panel is recommended to be set to „Always visible“ in the HUD settings.
    – Pitstop MFD: added tyre pressure control for all tyres simultaneously.
    – Fixed tyre status indicators not consistently showing wear on previously used tyres in driver swap scenarios.
    – Fixed an MFD pitstop page issue that was allowing the same tyre to be selected and applied for an upcoming pitstop with the default setup loaded.

    – Exposed „EnableManufacturerExtras“ in controls.json; if set to false it prevents the game from making any calls to external libraries from wheel manufacturers (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec)
    Useful for troubleshooting controller-related issues.
    – Fanatec LEDs setting now defaults to off.