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Axel Böhmer

    v1.6.0 changelog and DLC Pack

    1.6.0 Changelog

    – Added 2020 season with all entries, teams and drivers.
    Bonus liveries that were previously added in the 2019 season now form part of the new 2020 season.
    – 2020 championship, Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020 and Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 available as DLC.
    – Imola circuit available as DLC.

    – New and improved AI algorithms for racecraft and attack.
    – New skill-dependent AI driving error algorithm.
    – AI: removed throttle lift by low-skill opponents when global AI strength is set to 90 or higher.
    – Adjusted AI lines on several tracks.
    – Increased sensitivity for blue flag trigger if a GT3 is behind a lower-class car.
    – Brands Hatch marshal fix.
    – Misano marshal fix.
    – Nürburgring marshal fix.
    – Lumirank: added yellow colour for Silver class cars.
    – Marshal yellow sectors are now created based on centre position and not the starting point.
    – More accurate sector yellow flag alerts.
    – More sensitive yellow flag trigger for cars with stalled engines or facing the wrong direction, even at speed.

    – DHE tyres available for applicable tyre dimensions for the 2020 GTWCH season.
    Provides better feedback and more traction with less overheating.
    Available when playing 2020 season. Older seasons retain their corresponding BoP and tyre versions!
    – Wet tyre compound tweaks and fine tuning.
    – Revised BoP system (backend) and added support for 2020 season BoP.
    – Added camber limitations for BOP 2020 as per regulations.
    – Global tyre model improvements in realignment forces based on new data.
    – Improvements in the simulation of pressure dependency and its effects on the tyre footprint and related tyre dynamics.
    – Aero yaw simulation improvements.
    See our blog post on the official support forum for more detailed information on the above changes/improvements.
    Old setups might need revision and it is generally recommended to run safer setups.
    – Further improvements to the global weather model and dynamic track.
    – Fixed Porsche 991II GT3 R Laguna Seca wet preset.
    – Improved Ferrari 488 GT3 aero simulation
    – Fixed rear brake pads in the BMW M6 GT3 Monza wet preset.
    – Minor revision of collider meshes for certain cars.
    – Adjustments to brake disc consumption (less).

    – User commands to increase/decrease master audio volume in session (default NUM+/-, remappable).
    – Spotter message added alerting for faster car approaching.
    – Improved spotter message system.
    – New spotter messages for race pre-session countdown.
    – FMod Studio: fixed continuous play/stop events.
    – Thunder sound is now played already when heavy rain is on the forecast.

    – Replay HUD: added results table overlay and button to toggle it. (sector times not available for lap-per-lap breakdown).
    – Special Events page minor styling adjustments.
    – Leaderboard: minor styling adjustment.
    – Revised manufacturer logos for the UI and leaderboards.
    – MFD: checkboxes toggle using left-right UI binding and ignore the enter/forward UI binding.
    Freed up the “enter/forward” button for all controllers – so you can bind that to some other driving function as well on the wheel, the pitmenu checkboxes will only toggle with left/right – and in MP the forward/enter button (when pressed on a directinput controller) won’t pop up the chat window (with electronics or pitmenu active).
    – MFD: now always visible even when HUD is hidden (using HUD cycle long press), can be hidden by cycling to empty page or long pressing MFD input.
    Now allows driving with MFD only with the HUD hidden, cycling MFD no longer unhides the HUD.
    – Server list: track season tag is now always explicitly shown.
    – Loading screens revised and removed obsolete track status information.
    – Bindable inputs to increase/decrease FFB gain per car in session.
    – Bindable inputs to increase/decrease master audio volume in session.
    – Global UI styling refresh.
    – Fixed mouse scroll function on the TV Session Time overlay.
    – Localization update.
    – Improved delta and predicted laptime accuracy.
    – User setting in the hud.json added to disable automatic MFD page swap on pit entry/exit:
    “autoSwitchPitMFD”: true/false

    – Mirror refresh rate settings in Video Options.
    Option to set a fixed fps cap, a fixed rate cut based on current fps or “Auto”, which is a dynamic setting.
    – Global performance optimizations.
    – Potential fix for virtual mirror clipping with geometry in some car cockpits.
    – Added stop marker in the regular pitstop animation to help with car positioning.
    – Revised pedal animation system and fixed an issue where the throttle pedal would occasionally remain stuck in pressed position.
    – Optimized secondary animations in replay and spectator mode.
    – Fixed National class sticker visibility.
    – Added Lumirank SAS driver info device showing track/car status.

    – Added FFB per car setting (default keys are NUM8 and NUM2 to increase/decrease, remappable).
    Values are stored in a file called “ffbUserSettings.json”, it is a multiplier on the global gain you set in the controls settings.
    – Added gamepad rumble effect type enhanced/legacy options, legacy being the rumble implementation used to date.