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Günter Heßbrüggen
    v1.7.2 changelog
    – Various visual fixes around Donington.
    – LOD adjustments on the new British GT tracks.

    – Only the full track map is available on the “Track Map” HUD page.
    – Slight adjustments to the Car Selection page to avoid overlapping of text in some localizations.
    – Updated driver database.

    – Fixed behaviour with repeated D-Pad inputs in certain situations.

    – Adjustment to the fuel consumption of the Honda NSX GT3 (old).
    – Improved rev limiter behaviour of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 (both old and new).
    – Fixed an issue with the strategy presets in the KTM XBOW GT4 aggressive setup preset at Oulton Park.
    – Fixed MFD max fuel limit not respecting BOP fuel cell limits.
    – Corrected fuel tank size of the Aston V12 GT3 in all BOP groups.


    – AI – Potential improvement to AI overtaking at Snetterton.
    – AI – Increased aggression of lower-class drivers to improve their ability to navigate traffic.
    NOTE: global AI aggression might need slightly lower values to achieve the same results as earlier.