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    Josef Müller

    v1.7.1 changelog

    – Corrected server browser behaviour when searching for LAN servers.
    – Tweaked dynamic skidmark appearance.
    – Fixed glowing village houses at night at Oulton Park.
    – Corrected British GT decals on custom liveries under British GT season.
    – Improved real-time widget filtering.
    – Aston V12 reduced setup oscillation on settling.
    – Corrected total track medal count.
    – Server: removed a spammy log line – see separate Dedicated Server update.

    v1.7.2 changelog
    – Various visual fixes around Donington.
    – LOD adjustments on the new British GT tracks.

    – Only the full track map is available on the „Track Map“ HUD page.
    – Slight adjustments to the Car Selection page to avoid overlapping of text in some localizations.
    – Updated driver database.

    – Fixed behaviour with repeated D-Pad inputs in certain situations.

    – Adjustment to the fuel consumption of the Honda NSX GT3 (old).
    – Improved rev limiter behaviour of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 (both old and new).
    – Fixed an issue with the strategy presets in the KTM XBOW GT4 aggressive setup preset at Oulton Park.
    – Fixed MFD max fuel limit not respecting BOP fuel cell limits.
    – Corrected fuel tank size of the Aston V12 GT3 in all BOP groups.


    – AI – Potential improvement to AI overtaking at Snetterton.
    – AI – Increased aggression of lower-class drivers to improve their ability to navigate traffic.
    NOTE: global AI aggression might need slightly lower values to achieve the same results as earlier.

    Axel Böhmer
    v1.7.3 changelog
    – Fixed a duplicate entry issue in British GT championship mode.
    – Fixed British GT 2-hour event rules not fully applied when played in Single Player.

    – Fixed a floating point error causing inconsistent track grip status readout.

    – Minor volume tweaks to Porsche GT3 and Cup cars.
    – Improved audio blend with the F7 camera.

    – Fixed incorred blurred custom rim on the Camaro GT4.
    – Fixed LOD UV issue on the AMR V8 GT3.
    – Tweaked appearance of wet kerbing at Snetterton.

    • Diese Antwort wurde geändert vor 8 Monaten von Axel Böhmer.
    • Diese Antwort wurde geändert vor 8 Monaten von Axel Böhmer.

    Dear ACC racers!
    ACC hotfix 1.7.4 is out now on Steam, refresh your client in order to get the update.

    v1.7.4 changelog
    – Fixed a tyre allocation error in certain 2020 BOP groups.
    – Tweaks to the heat and camber thrust sensitivity of the wet tyre compound.
    – Fixed total fuel ignoring BOP fuel cell limits when refuelling on non-empty tank.
    – Added shared memory items for track grip status, rain level and forecast.
    The status enumerators represent stages (and not exact values), and correspond with the UI widget icons and readouts.
    The old quantified surfaceGrip item is now null and obsolete.
    More information in the Shared Memory documentation.

    – AI now make strategic decisions in FP sessions too.
    – Fixed an error with AI pit time calculation with unscheduled pitstops.
    – FP session length maximized at 60 minutes in Championship mode to be consistent with regular SP.
    – Fixed all marshals waving checkered flag at Donington.
    – Widget formation: row offset increase to remove potential advantage of outside lane on certain racetracks.

    – Server list: corrected „no mid-race join“ indicator – requires upcoming server update to be fully functional.
    – HUD: weather widget visible even when viewing opponents.
    – HUD: weather widget permanently visible on TAB leaderboard page.
    – HUD: fuel selector in pitstop MFD page now has a slower acceleration through values when left/right held down.
    – HUD options page: the margin selectors now accelerate faster through values when left/right held down.


    1.7.5 Hotfix


    • Over-car labels: removed contact shadow and reflection influence and added lighting-dependent dimmer.
    • Tweaks to night brightness, volumetric fog and wet material properties of new British tracks.


    • Improved implementation of aerodynamic added mass effect. (It’s complicated).


    • Added active BOP group indicator on garage screen.

    Changelog 1.7.6


    • Shared memory: added currentTyreSet and strategyTyreSet.
    • Capped tick frequency of automatic setup system to avoid unwanted oscillation at very high tick rates.
    • Corrected occasional inconsistent camber conversion of default 2019 setup presets when loaded on 2020 track versions.

    Minor balancing tweaks for the following GT3 cars and track categories (all 2020, unless IGT or BrGT):

    • Honda NSX GT3 Evo at EU D
    • McLaren 720S GT3 at EU C and BrGT B
    • Lexus RC F GT3 at BrGT B and IGT E
    • BMW M6 GT3 at BrGT B and D
    • Bentley Continental GT3 at BrGT B
    • Audi R8 GT3 Evo at EU A and EU C

    Minor balancing tweaks for the following GT4 cars:

    • AMR Vantage GT4 at EU D
    • KTM XBOW GT4 at EU B, C, D2 and D3
    • Ginetta G55 GT4 at BrGT B
    • Alpine A110 GT4 at BrGT B
    • Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R at BrGT B and D


    • Eliminated rare interference of the Logitech Trueforce implementation with AI controller.
    • Fixed checkered flag marshal at Paul Ricard waving flag prematurely at race finish.
    • Race comm – adjusted strategy alert threshold for being on the wrong tyre compound.


    • Added more race length options and combinations to custom race weekend mode.
    • Fixed AI slider being mixed up in championship settings.
    • BOP category indicator on garage screen made visible in Single Player sessions.
    • MFD – removed driver autoselect feature in Multiplayer driver swap sessions.
    • Tweaked DirectInput repeat-when-button-held activation timing in UI navigation.
    • Tweaked HUD hiding/showing/cycling behaviour, fixed initial display of available HUD lists not populating.
    • Replay – quickly hide control panel when clicking on empty screen area, do not pop up control panel when using the standings widget.


    • Added British GT windshield banner options for custom cars.
    • Fixed British GT numberplate layout incompatibility with the Mclaren 570S custom liveries.
    • Minor graphical fixes on the Porsche Cup car.

    1.7.7 Hotfix


    • MFD dash display widget now includes shift alert.
    • Fixed track/season display in localization.
    • Fixed repeating d-pad input in certain situations.
    • Brake pad wear indicator threshold increased from 10.0mm to 12.5mm.
      It is advised to replace brakes for the subsequent stint after the indicator is shown.
    • Fixed MFD tyre set strategy reevaluation based on event rules.
    • Avoid race command cascade for navigation bindings while multiple buttons pressed.


    • Fixed in-car FF gain adjustment function not working in some scenarios after car takeover in driver swap races.

    Minor balancing tweaks for the following GT3/GT4 cars and track categories (all 2020, unless IGT or BrGT):

    • AMR V8 GT3 at EU B2 and D
    • BMW M6 GT3 at EU B2
    • Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 at EU A, C and D
    • Porsche 991II GT3 R at EU B and B2 and IGT D
    • McLaren 720S GT3 at EU B, B2, D and IGT E
    • Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo at EU A, B and B2
    • Ginetta G55 GT4 at BrGT A


    • Added Fanatec title sponsorship.
      Added custom windshield banner and replaced the automatic override in generic game modes and MP.
    Axel Böhmer

    v1.7.8 Hotfix Mo., 3. Mai

    – Bonus Alpine Esports Series livery for Special Event hotlap competition.
    – Removed 90-minute Free Practice length option from all championship race weekend types.
    – Fixed gallery replay having permanent kerb sound in some situations.
    – Fuel widget now shows per lap calculatation based on last 3 laps instead of session aggregate.
    – Slow cars and cars with significant damage are now marked yellow on the track map.
    – Fixed team logo stretching on the car selection page when season strip is hidden.
    Minor balancing tweaks for the following GT3 cars and track categories:

    – BMW M6 GT3 at BrGT A and IGT D
    – Porsche 991II GT3 R at BrGT A and IGT D
    – Mercedes-AMG GT3 and Evo at BrGT A
    – Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 at BrGT A and B

    1.7.9 Hotfix


    • Fixed setup fuel load test function with BOP-limited fuel tanks.
    • Fixed setup UI caster rounding error (only visual).
    • Fixed potentially corrupted AI setups when reloading saved game.
      With existing saved games, in case the AI setup remains corrupted on reloading, it will load the safe preset instead.

    1.7.10 Hotfix


    • Bonus liveries for the „The Real Race by Lamborghini“ series.


    • The position of the HMD is now reset at startup.
      NOTE: can be disabled in vrSettings.json setting „resetPositionAtStartup“: 0.


    • Fixed missing stint length options when using 90-minute Custom Race Weekend with driver stint rules.
    • Fix to the excessive resource usage of the UI beyond a certain number of servers listed.
    • Fixed SA rating rounding error potentially causing mismatch with server requirements.
    • Fixed random weather option in custom weather not affecting ambient temperature.


    • Fixed fuel load test when BOP limited fuel cell is higher than the regular one.
    • Finetuning of the thermal characteristics, influence and resulting performance of the wet tyre compound.
      NOTE: affects all tyre dimensions.
      Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:
    • AMR V8 Vantage GT3 at EU A – latest turbo mapping for Monza
    • BMW M6 GT3 at EU D
    • Porsche Cayman GT4 CS at EU C

    1.7.11 Hotfix


    • Bonus livery for the „BMW Sim Time Attack“ series.

    Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:

    • Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo at EU D
    • McLaren 720S GT3 at IGT D
    • Audi R8 LMS Evo at IGT D
    • Lexus RC F GT3 at IGT D

    Hotfix 1.7.14

    Not Much but something

    – Updated Fanatec SDK.
    – Fixed an entry issue when playing the 2020 Championship.
    – Various minor livery-related fixes.

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